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Resolution of business disputes

Reducing costs and time connected with legal proceedings are essential considerations to choose for Alternative Dispute Resolution. Most business disputes can nowadays be resolved in a more pragmatic way than through the courts. Parties wishing to hold control over the outcome through confidential negotiations with the help of a neutral professional may choose for mediation. Between 80 and  85% of business mediations lead to resolution of the dispute. If the dispute needs a legal judgement, the parties may prefer adjudication by arbitrators who specialize in international business conflicts above the courts. If arbitration is managed effectively it can be both time and cost efficient.


The parties resolve their dispute themselves with the help of a mediator. That may seem unlikely but it usually works.

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Adjudication of disputes by one or more specialized legal ractitioners appointed by the practitioners.

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Bart Neervoort (1953)

My mission:  to help the business community resolve disputes efficiently and effectively.

My vision: resolution of disputes is more than a legal affair, because the disputes even on a corporate level are between human beings. Humanizing the process helps resolve disputes. 

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