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Costs of mediation

The costs of mediation are generally split between the parties. When mediation is administered through an organisation such as CPR,ICC, CEDR, etc. a fee is paid to that authority. Mediators fees are generally charged on an hourly basis. My rate is between € 250,- and € 350,- plus VAT, depending on the complexity and financial interest of the dispute.

On average the total fee for a mediation varies between € 3.000,- and € 10.000,- i.e. between € 1.500,- and € 5.000,- for each party. In addition Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged at the rate of the country, where the mediation is held. (21% in the Netherlands).

On some occasions the parties agree that the costs will be borne by one of them. That for instance is customary in personal injury cases, where the insurer bears all costs.